The KT series large character inkjet printing systems allow any type of packaging or moving object to be marked with alphanumeric characters.
These systems use 7-dot (KT7) or 16-dot (KT16) print heads, and nominal character height ranges from a minimum of 12.6 mm to a maximum of 75 mm.

Additionally, you can progressively incline the print head to find the reduced character height you prefer up to approximately 50% of the nominal value, but only using the STP 700 model control panel.

Reliable and versatile, thanks to the use of highly efficient and technological DOD (drop on demand) solenoids; they represent the ideal solution to satisfy a wide range of printing needs.

1 to 4 heads with 7 dots can be managed or 2 heads with 16 dots; a combination of 1 or 2 heads with 7 dots and 1 head with 16 dots can even be used at the same time, but only using the STP 700 model control panel.

Due to its compact dimensions and universal installation position, it easily integrates into any type of production line or system to print texts, lots, the time and date.

The wide range of inks available allows for application on any type of surface, such as: absorbent paperboard, wood, glossy paperboard, glass, metals, plastic materials, polystyrene, ceramic, brick, natural stones and more.

The control panels are simple and intuitive, allowing operators to attain complete mastery of the KT series printing systems in just a short time.

In the event that only a marking device is requested (and not a printing device), a single dot head is used (KT1 monojet); the main application of this device is attributing the respective grade to ceramic tiles and natural stones using the print of different sequences of programmable spaced dots.
Every different sequence of dots is paired to an individual selection grade.

HR series inkjet high resolution printing systems allow coding any type of moving packaging material or item by means of alpha-numeric texts, linear barcodes, 2D codes, logos, and clip art.

Oil based inks allow application on porous surfaces such as non-glossy paper and non-glossy cardboard both white and coloured (brown avana).

These systems use 510 dot print heads and a 180 dpi (dots per inch) resolution, thereby obtaining a printing area 71 mm maximum height for each head.

Reliable and versatile thanks to the piezoelectric DOD (drop on demand) technology, they are the ideal solution to meet various printing requirements, as they can manage up to 64 print heads, which can be either freestanding or coupled together.

This option allows extending the printing height up to 4Г—71=284 mm, and treating the printing layout as a single entity.

As a matter of fact, the software divides the printing layout into stripes, which are transmitted to the print heads so as not to create defects on the contact lines between them.

Thanks to their compact sizes and universal mounting position, they can be easily integrated in systems and production lines.

HR series inkjet high resolution printing systems allow an easy rotation of print head; in this way it is possible to print even on horizontal surfaces.

Programming console is simple and intuitive, allowing operators to quickly and fully master HR printing systems.

HR series inkjet high resolution printing systems are available with on-board or external computer, printing systems without computer are available as well.

The control net allows to manage up to 64 heads and up to 16 controllers.


TOPJET manufactures monochromatic special systems to meet any kind of demand.

Thanks to careful technical evaluations and to our experience, TOPJET provide rational and reliable solutions.

We created printing systems for application on lateral side or top side with various print area.

Each single project is customized considering the following elements:
• speed of production
• height of print area
• position of printing
• position and shape of the item to be printed

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KT Series brochure

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