– Available with 6 or 9 plates(diameters 35, 40 and 45 cm).
– Electric heated plates.
– For manual semi automatic and automatic production of crepes, blinis, omelettes, and all similar products.
– Progressive mechanisation with different complentary accessories such as a greaser, batter doser, batter spreader, second side cooking cylinder (gas or electric), cooling belt, stracker

2 sides cooking carousel


COOKING DISCS on 1 or both sides (gas or electric heated).
Ideal for producing crepes and pancakes and also in particular
small thick products such as blinis, pancakes, omelettes, …

Cooking discs for small filled products


Cooking discs for small thick products


AUTOMATIC MACHINES with tilted plates
ideal for making
thin products.
They can also be used for
lines of filled round crepes.
Electric heated plates. On option, second side cooking cylinder
gas or electric heated.
Available with 9, 12 and 15 plates

Standard versions: 15PL17.5 (15 plates diameter 17.5 cm),
9PL20, 9PL30, 12PL30, 9PL35, 9PL40

Automatic machine with tilted plates + folding in 4 device


Machines made with cylinder diameter 0.80m or 1.60m, gaz or electric heated.
For recipes mainly made with wheat flour.
Ideal for band of crepes (on one or several raws, depending on the width of the band) and above all for the industrial manufacture of filled products such as
Spring rolls and Filled crepes .

Machine with Г? 0.80 cylinder


Machine with Г? 1.60 cylinder for Spring roll production


We also manufacture SOFTENING LINES for rice flour sheets with filling DOSERS.

All our cooking machines (Machines with plates cooking discs and cylinders) can also be used singly.
They can also have accessories which we have developed to satisfy automated production requirements: filling dosers, folding, rolling, folding-rolling, stacking machines, belts (conveyors belts, cooling and pre-packing belts), etc.

We have developed 30 machine models.
This is only a brief look at solutions that we can provide.
We invite you to click on our contact form (questionnaire), so that you can specify your requirements.